Thursday, 6 October 2011

Flying Kites For The Olympics

Justin trying to fly his kite!

Chloe and Jakson flying their kites.

Anzil managed to get her kite into the air! Well done Anzil!!

Friday, 16 September 2011

Welcome to Year 3 2001-2012

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce to you the fantastic 3K!!!
They are a lovely class with many characters! They enjoy reading, numeracy and we also enjoy laughing.

I would like to introduce you to 3K's brilliant class councillors. They have agreed to be the pupils voice and to attend weekly meetings.

Jade Litambola-Douglas

Drew Cole

Friday, 8 January 2010

Snow Wonderful Snow- Part 2!!!!!!

The children had a lot of fun today. We went to play in the snow so we could be inspired to write a snow poem. It was cold but we all had fun.
Here are some photos we took whilst we were busy at work to make something out of the snow.

Koko Smiling as always!

The children make a start on a snowman after giving up their challenge.

Gabija trying to collect snow for her friends.

Rhia taking a short break from collecting to smile for the camera...Cheese!!!

Ryan having fun!

James on the hunt for more snow.

The view outside our classroom- The field!

Our school field again.

The children in action having fun!

Mariam getting started on her ice sculpture challenge.

The children found some 'Ice Footprints'. They all found it a mystery, the ice was so thick they thought there was shoes in the snow. The children found a lot more as we spent time outside. We wonder who the belong to?!?!

Here's our Snowman taking shape, with the children hard at work!

The children were set a challenge to make something out of the snow apart from a snowman or snowballs. All the children gave up apart from Mariam and Ryan with a little help from Miss Phelps and Scarlett. They made an owl, Well Done you two!!

This is the snowman that we made together. Altogether there were 14 children in, we all had a lovely day!

Here is a mini snowman made by the children in the photo.

We hope you have enjoyed looking at our photos.

Snow Wonderful Snow!!!!!

3K have got together and wrote a snow poem after going out in the snow to make a snowman.
Enjoy the poem and some photos we have taken.
Let It Snow, Let It Snow.
By 3K

I can see the white Crystal snow
Falling from the sky,
It is coming from up so high.
Snow is white and very cold,
It's really soft but pretty.
Snow is ice cold like
Lots and lots of ice cubes stuck together.
The snow is soft like a lovely fur carpet,

All the snow is cold,
All the snow is seen,
All the snow flakes falling from the sky,
In the sun it gleams.

The snow lies silky smooth on the floor,
The snow is comfy is like a cloud,
Frosty flakes all over the place,
They shine like glittering Diamonds,
Freezing my fingers so they are icy cold,
So cold i feel like a penguin.
Each snowflake big and small,
Joined together to make
A white blanket for all.

Gather the snow to make a snowman,
Make sure you give him a pair of hands.
Gather the snow to make snowballs,
Watch the snow as it falls.

All this snow makes me cold,
But when we see it go,
It makes me sad,
And I feel so bad!
I don't know what to do.

We hope you have enjoyed our poem. We have some lovely pictures for you to look at, make sure you take a look at the second part of our blog.

Happy New Year!

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year!

We have another fantastic term lined up for year 3 with lots fun and excitement.

As a school we have set 3 new year resolutions:

1) To make sure we all come to school everyday
2) To arrive to school on time everyday
3) Not to run around in the corridors.

Welcome back,

Miss Kelly and Mrs Krish

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

3K's Class Assembly!

Today morning 3K performed their class assembly to their parents and the whole school.

They performed a short musical piece, a short mythical play and shared some of the things they have learnt during science.

3K's Musical piece- The Alphabet Song

We took two weeks to perfect their musical skills to play the tuned musical bells. At first it was hard and we created noisy music that was hard to hear. Eventually with hard work and practice every day we managed to get the hang of it and played the bells to the beat in time to create a beautiful song.

3K's Play - Miss Lowery and The Bowshertorn.

We had two weeks to get ourselves ready. The first week we planned our story line and wrote out our script, assigning parts at the same time. We took the scripts home to learn our lines. The second week we rehearsed our play and practiced our lines, without scripts, in class, infant hall and on stage.

3K's Science- Healthy Eating.

We had been looking at different food groups in class and thought that we would share them with the school. We all learnt what we should eat different things from different food groups and not just lots of chocolate (Although Tracy and Mrs Krish wish we could) to stay healthy.

Here are the different food groups that we looked into.
Protein- Fish, Eggs, Lentils etc to maintain healthy muscles and repair damaged tissue.

Dairy- Yogurt, Cheese, Milk etc to maintain healthy bones and teeth.

Vitamins and Minerals- Fruit, Vegetables and Some fish etc to maintain healthy skin, hair and nails.

Carbohydrates- Pasta, Bread and Rice etc to give our body energy throughout the day.

Sugars and Fats- Lollipops, Take Aways and Butter etc gives us energy and are very tasty but we need to make sure that we eat it in small portions.

Fibre- Bananas, Prunes and Weetabix give us fibre for our diet to help with digestion.

All these food groups should be eaten from but in MODERATION. This means to eat in small portions and not to eat too much of the same thing.
Here are some comments from some of the children:

Aaliyah- The assembly was a good success.
Scarlett- The assembly was really funny.
Farid- The assembly was great, hopefully we won't see that Bowshertorn around.
Jennifer- I really enjoyed the assembly, especially when we performed the bells.
Joris- It was full of great characters and i wish i can do it again.
Ehsan- It was very fun to perform.
Gabi- I really enjoyed when I played the song with the bells.
Sonny- I thought the assembly was spectacular.
James- My best bit was when I saw Lewis with his gigantic muscles.
Koko- I liked it when Miss Lowery was running away from the Bowshertorn.
Rhia- I liked it when the Bowshertorn said "You and my Coco Pops" because it was funny.
Mrs Krish- Majority of the stage direction and script came from the children. They were very enthusiastic and creative. I gave them a challenge to learn how to play the bells in two weeks and they lived up to the challenge- So WELL DONE 3K. They all worked well as a class and did well to learn all their lines. The children have work extremely hard to make this special and funny. They were very nervous as this was their first Junior Assembly on stage. But I'm sure you'll agree that THEY WERE FANTASTIC!!
Well done 3K I am really proud of you my little angels!!!
I would also just like to thank all the parents who made it to the assembly. Seeing you there giving your support means a lot to the children. Thank you for all your lovely comments I'm really glad you enjoyed it.
Once again from all of 3K thank you!!

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Sandwich making (BEC Project)

In year 3 we have made sandwiches. We made sandwiches to sell to teachers. We did this to raise money to buy some wet play games for year 3.

There was a meal deal that they could choose two of either a "super-surprise", fruit, or drink.

We delivered the sandwiches to the teacher's classroom.

We had to wear hats and gloves before we made the sandwiches. We made the sandwiches in the children's kitchen.

Most people chose the tuna crunch. The most expensive sandwich was £2.50 but there was also £1.80 and £1.50.

We used butter, with a lot of different breads and rolls. We also used mayonnaise and mustard.

We made tuna crunch, cheese salad, ham, chicken.

Then we sold the sandwiches to every teacher in the school.

We designed the order forms and made posters to advertise it. We also made labels to put on the wrappers. We learnt about sandwiches and what makes a healthy sandwich.
We raised more then £124.00 but we spent £59.58 on ingredients so overall profit was £64.42 to spend on our games. Each class has £32.21 to spend on their own games.

"I enjoyed delivering the sandwiches to the teachers." Nite.

"I liked making the sandwiches in the kitchen." Farid.

"I liked making the posters before." Cherisha.

"I liked drawing the labels that went on the wrappers." Ryan.
"We learnt about healthy sandwiches the week before, this was very interesting." Erza.